Happy Dinner Set (from 16:30 to 21:30)

D1. 6pcs Nigiri, 6pcs Maki, 4pcs Masago
359 Kč
D2. 6pcs Sashimi, 12pcs Maki
359 Kč
D3. 8pcs Nigiri, 3pcs Sashimi, 6pcs Maki
449 Kč
D4. 6pcs Maki, 4pcs Crunch roll, 4pcs Masago, 5pcs Nigiri
399 Kč
D5. 12pcs Sashimi
299 Kč
D6. Tuna set - 4pcs Nigiri maguro, 6pcs maki tekka, 3pcs Sashimi maguro
319 Kč
D7. Sake set – 4pcs Nigiri sake, 6pcs Maki sake, 3pcs Sashimi sake
299 Kč
D8. 10pcs Nigiri
379 Kč
D9. 4pcs Nigiri vegetarian, 6pcs Maki, 4pcs Magaso roll
249 Kč
D10. 8pcs Nigiri, 12pcs Maki, 12pcs Sashimi, 8pcs Magaso roll, 8pcs Crunch roll
999 Kč


Order meal from our menu for yourself or your colleagues at work by phone and we will prepare it for you.

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