Sushi Lunch Set (from 11:00 to 15:00)

L1. 6pcs Maki sake, 6pcs Maki maguro, 6pcs Maki avocado
179 Kč
L2. 2pcs Nigiri sake, 6pcs Maki sake
135 Kč
L3. 1pcs Nigiri sake, 6pcs Maki sake, 4pcs Masago sake
189 Kč
L4. 4pcs Nigiri mix, 6pcs Maki tekka, Masago california
299 Kč
L5. 4pcs Nigiri mix, 6pcs Maki spicy, 6pcs Maki unagi kappa, 1pcs Masago sake
379 Kč
L6. 3pcs Nigiri mix (avocado, oshiko, kampyo), 6pcs Maki avocado, 6pcs Kampyo
179 Kč


Order meal from our menu for yourself or your colleagues at work by phone and we will prepare it for you.

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